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Steve-Bob Duncan

Steve-Bob is a closeted sociopath trying to be normal. As a former engineering student Steve-Bob is highly skilled with technology and a competent computer hacker.

Elisa Browngreene

Elisa has been Steve-Bob's girlfriend for ten months, and is quite in love with him, despite his antisocial tendencies. She believes she can eventually get him to open up to her completely.

Max Anderson

Max was once an upstart film director, but was forced into hiding after death threats and assassination attempts from the Earth Liberation Front, after his cult hit Adventures of Ibrahim Mohammed. The weird thing is that a completely different group of people should have taken offense.

Dr. Frohawk
Amos T. Frohawk, M.D.

Doctor Frohawk is a retired physician who began his career at a field hospital in Vietnam. When he left the Army, he served as a family doctor in Pittsburgh while developing an interest in robotics and computer programming, until 1992 when unknown circumstances caused him to retire as a physician and become a full-time mad scientist.


What is the Almighty doing these days? Well, He seems to be interested in Steve-Bob to some extent. What God's plan is exactly is unknown, but it seems that it's not time for Steve-Bob to face the Chaos Monkey.

Mr. Wang
Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang is Steve-Bob's guardian angel, assigned for the specific purpose of keeping the Chaos Monkey off of Steve-Bob. The question right now is: what is going to happen to Steve-Bob in the Chaos Monkey's absence?

Chaos Monkey
The Chaos Monkey

The Chaos Monkey is a demon who has for whatever reason decided to assume the form of an evil monkey. He does not have the patience it takes to get into the business of starting fake religions, and mainly takes pleasure in random destruction.

Johnny K
Johnny K

Johnny K is an acquaintance of Max who is known for being a total bum. His current status is unknown, but it is believed that he is living in a cave somewhere. The question is this: How can he continue to play video games and watch anime without electricity?

Rafael Dominguez

Raf is the owner of a large gun shop in Burgville, which has a shooting range in the basement where Max spends a lot of time. He has to hire a guy every three days to repaint the front of the store, because assorted hoplophobe groups keep vandalizing it.


An artificial intelligence created by Dr. Frohawk in 2002. The doctor keeps trying to build an android to load Topaz into, but both androids were abducted before Frohawk was ready.

Tim Leif
Timothy Leif, Ph.D.

While Dr. Leif's doctorate is in botany, he, like Dr. Frohawk, has expanded his areas of knowledge, primarily in cybernetics and genetic engineering. He is something of a rival to Dr. Frohawk, as Leif is a prominent scientist in the powerful eco-terrorist organization, the Earth Liberation Front, and believed to be the man behind the blackmailing of Dr. Frohawk and the theft of several of Frohawk's projects.

Android #1/Sandra

Dr. Frohawk's first artificial human was completed sometime in March 2004, but stolen in April at the same time Max was serving as Dr. Frohawk's security guard--the time period erased from Max's memory. Dr. Frohawk's intention was to load Topaz, an AI entity of his own creation, into the android, but the ELF stole it and implanted an AI designed by Tim Leif. Her first test run is an attempt to assassinate Max.

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